After an undergraduate degree in science and a business school graduate degree, Cecile Pasquinelli Vu-Hong joined the finance industry as an executive in various marketing roles for 17 years. She suffered breast cancer in 2010, fighting her way through treatments to remission. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, she decided to take the plunge herself in 2012 and started her own company: Garance, a French post breast cancer swimwear and lingerie brand. She turned this trial of misfortune into a superb, feminist and sustainable opportunity.


Marie Heckel, a bit of a Parisian but mainly an Alsatian

“After graduating with a Master1 in fashion marketing, I completed my studies with a 6-month internship at Garance (June to December 2014). I immediately fitted in this start-up where there is never a dull moment. It is a unique experience that nourishes me. To me, Garance reflects what fashion is today: the desire to help women feeling pretty, feeling good and indulging in all circumstances.
After almost one year of travelling through the Indian Ocean, I rejoined the team (as communication manager) without really feeling that I had ever left. Garance, its founder, the atmosphere, the philosophy behind the brand together with the collections, everything makes so much sense to me. And the adventure is only starting….”



Stella Cadente and Florian Claudel are in charge of the brand’s artistic direction. They assist with the creation of the collections depending on trends and clients’ demands. Always paying attention to the smallest details, they convey their ideas through visuals and models epitomizing today’s woman. They are on Garance’s side throughout the process from creation to commercialization.


Samantha Kerdine, Parisian and madly in love with the 18th arrondissement.
“I love Garance, as much for its values than for the team it is made of. I work for the brand, am responsible for its image, its consistency and the values it wants to convey. I am in charge of designing the visual identity of Garance, always with a view to talk about lingerie, femininity, disease and also pleasure. This makes me happier each day, even more so as I am lucky to work alongside Cecile who leads her project wittedly and who is always opened to my ideas.”