“In the past few years, Cecile largely contributed to helping women suffering from breast cancer.
Garance is a clothing line that constitutes a major break from lingerie or swimwear that used to be available to those who underwent mastectomy.
It is a very original and important initiative, bringing two major messages to women who suffer from breast cancer as well as to the general public: one can be beautiful, elegant and attractive wearing “regular”, pretty and sexy lingerie in spite of breast cancer. One can, after suffering from breast cancer, go much further in contributing to other women’s rehabilitation, far beyond oneself.”

Dr. Suzette Delaloge
Institute Gustave Roussy

“Both as SARENZA General Manager and as a woman, I am proud to support Cecile Pasquinelly Vu-Hong. Creating and developing Garance is a fantastic entrepreneurial project. Cecile is a woman who embodies her mission: supporting women who underwent mastectomy and improving their life. Cecile is ambitious, determined and has an amazing project.”
Helene Boulet-Supau
General Manager SARENZA

“The values of creativity, elegance, high demands for women who suffered from breast cancer developed by Cecile are the DNA of our magazine. Garance was the first one to receive the woman entrepreneur award and we are extremely proud to be by its side and to support its success.”
Celine Lis-Raoux
Co-founder of Rose Magazine

“The goal of Galeries Lafayette, a reference in fashion, is to make what is beautiful and good available to everybody. I am incredibly excited to be in a position to put forward designers who will make fashionable pieces accessible to women suffering from cancer.”
Agnes Vigneron
Galeries Lafayette

“That fashion designs clothing for these women is an extraordinary step forward. By doing so, fashion gives back to women who underwent breast cancer treatments the pleasure to treat themselves and the desire to bring back confidence in this somehow different body of theirs. Garance was founded by a woman who went through this journey, it’s a ray of sunshine for thousands of women and for the healthcare teams taking care of them.”
Dr. Severine Alran
Surgeon specialized in gynecology and senology

“I accepted to support Garance because it is a beautiful project and I believe in its success. There is little competition globally and its founder’s approach is modern and very thoughtful.”
Sandrine Lilienfeld
Senior Manager in fashion and lingerie design